If it is raining, you need umbrella. If you are banking, you need some of the tools and links below.

Consumer Information Security Tips and Website

Protect Your Personal Information and Prevent Fraud

  • Keep anything with personal information in a safe, secure place
  • Only provide your personal information to trusted sources
  • Reduce the amount of mail you receive with personal information
  • Limit the amount of personal information on your checks
  • Mail your bills from the Post Office or use Online Bill Pay
  • Secure your computer with anti-spyware, anti-virus and personal firewall software

Click here for tips on how to protect yourself against various scams, including:

  • Foreign Business Offers
  • Overpayment Offers
  • Sweepstakes or Lottery Schemes
  • Scheming Suitors
  • Rental Schemes
  • Work at Home Offers

For additional information regarding how to protect yourself against fraud and identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission at:  




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